Riversleigh isopod

Riversleigh invertebrates are organised taxonomically as you can see below. Once the species info is available, you will be able to click on the name of the species to access more information.

Species Count: Total: 8 – FZA: 2 – FZB: 3 – FZC: 3 – FZD: 0 – PLIO: 0 – PLEIS: 0 – HOLO: 0



Class GASTROPODA (snails)

Family Planorbidae (ramshorn snails)

Glyptophysa rodingae (FZA)

Family Camaenidae (land snails)

Cupedora lloydi (FZA)

Phylum Arthropoda


Class OSTRACODA (ostracods)

Family Limnocytheridae (ostracods)

Progomphocythere mawsontalenti (FZC)

Family Cyprididae (freshwater ostracods)

Cypridopsis sp. (FZC)

Cypretta sp. (FZC)

Draw me (100pxl)Heterocypris collaris (FZB)

Draw me (100pxl)Candonocypris fimibolus (FZB)

Family Notodromadidae (ostracods)

Draw me (100pxl)Newnhamia mckenziana (FZB)