Fishes (Pisces)

Riversleigh fishes are organised taxonomically as you can see below. Once the species info is available, you will be able to click on the name of the species to access more information.

Vertebrate phylogeny

Species Count: Total: 2 – FZA: 1 – FZB: 0 – FZC: 1 – FZD: 0 – PLIO: 0 – PLEIS: 0 – HOLO: 0


Sub class DIPNOI

Family Neoceratodontidae (Lungfishes)

Neoceratodus sp. cf. N. gregoryi2Neoceratodus sp. cf. N. gregoryi (FZA)

Draw me (100pxl)Mioceratodus anemosyrus (FZC)