Reptiles (Reptilia)

Riversleigh crocodile

Riversleigh reptiles are organised taxonomically as you can see below. Once the species info is available, you will be able to click on the name of the species to access more information.






Vertebrate Phylogeny

Species Count: Total: 34 – FZA: 8 – FZB: 17 – FZC: 13 – FZD: 2 – PLIO: 0 – PLEIS: 5 – HOLO: 0

Class REPTILIA (reptiles)

Order TESTUDINES (turtles)

Family Chelidae (Austro-South American side neck turtles)

Draw me (100pxl)Elseya lavarackorum (PLEIS)

Draw me (100pxl)Emydura sp. (PLEIS)

Emydura sp?Emydura sp. (FZC)

Draw me (100pxl)?Pseudemydura sp. (FZC)

Pseudemydura sp. (FZC)

Family Meiolaniidae (turtles with heavily armored heads and tails)

Small Ridge Butcher Turtle – Warkalania carinaminor (FZB)

Draw me (100pxl)?Warkalania sp. (FZB)

Draw me (100pxl)Meiolania sp. cf. M. platyceps (FZA) (FZB) (FZC)


Order SQUAMATA (scaled reptiles)

Family Pygopodidae (legless lizards)

Draw me (100pxl)Pygopus hortulanus (FZB)

Family Agamidae (dragon lizards)

Sulcatidens quadratusSulcatidens quadratus (FZB) (FZC)

Draw me (100pxl)Physignathus sp. cf. P. lesueurii (FZB)

Draw me (100pxl)Physignathus sp. (FZB)

Family Scincidae (skinks)

Draw me (100pxl)Egernia sp. cf. E. striolata (FZB) (FZC)

Draw me (100pxl)Egernia sp. cf. E. frerei (FZB) (FZC)

Tiliqua pusillaTiliqua pusilla (FZC)

Draw me (100pxl)Tiliqua sp. cf. T. pusilla (FZD)

Family Varanidae (monitor lizards)

Varanus spVaranus sp. (PLEIS)

Family Typhlopidae (blind snakes)

Draw me (100pxl)?Rhamphotyphlops sp. (FZB)

Family Boidae (pythons and boas)

Morelia riversleighensis (FZA) (FZB) (FZC)

Draw me (100pxl)Morelia sp. cf. M. spilota (FZC)

Family Elapidae (venomous snakes)

Draw me (100pxl)Incongruelaps iteratus (FZD)

Family Madtsoiidae (extinct snakes)

Draw me (100pxl)Nanowana godthelpi (FZB)

Draw me (100pxl)Nanowana schrenki (FZB)

Wonambi barrieiWonambi barriei (FZA) (FZB)

Draw me (100pxl)Madtsoiidae new genus sp. 1 (FZB)

Order CROCODYLIA (crocodiles)

Family Crocodylidae

Sub-family Mekosuchinae (mekosuchine crocodiles)

Wicken’s Dreamtime Crocodile – Baru wickeni (FZA)

Draw me (100pxl)Baru huberi (FZA)

Draw me (100pxl)Baru sp. (FZC)

Draw me (100pxl)Trilophosuchus rackhami (FZC)

Draw me (100pxl)Mekosuchus sanderi (FZC)

Draw me (100pxl)Mekosuchus whitehunterensis (FZA)

Mebold’s Crocodile Spirit – Quinkana meboldi (FZA)

Draw me (100pxl)Pallimnarchus gracilis (PLEIS)

Subfamily Crocodylinae (crocodiles)

Draw me (100pxl)Crocodylus johnstoni (PLEIS)