Julien’s current projects

Project: Long-term biodiversity response to late Quaternary climate change in a vulnerable dry rainforest habitat, eastern Queensland: a palaeontological assessment

Summary: This project involves excavating, dating and analysing the unique fossil assemblage preserved in Colosseum Chamber, eastern Queensland, Australia. This fossil site contains a continuous sequence with hundreds of thousands of fossils of small fauna (mammals, reptiles, frogs, birds, snails) spanning the last 60,000+ years. This project will provide crucial deep-time knowledge of the biodiversity of semi-evergreen vine thicket, dry rainforest and cavernous ecosystems, which are experiencing unprecedented environmental degredation. Knowledge of such prehistoric records provides unique insights into how climate has impacted upon and shaped our terrestrial ecosystems, and allows us to better predict faunal effects of future climate change.

Lead Researchers: Dr Julien Louys, Dr Gilbert Price, Dr Scott Hocknull (Queensland Museum)

Funding: The University of Queensland Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, The Ian Potter Foundation

Project: Taxon-free palaeontological methods for reconstructing environmental change

Summary: This project, led by Liverpool John Moores University in association with Hull York Medical School and the University of Oxford, aims to develop novel methods for assessing the

Collecting data at Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium

ecomorphic adaptations of bovids, suids, carnivores and primates recovered from East African Plio-Pleistocene palaeontological sites. In addition, mesowear techniques will be refined and tested to ascertain whether they are applicable to teeth from a range of mammalian families. The data derived from these distinct methods and areas of the skeleton will then be used to address questions about environmental change in the African Plio-Pleistocene.

Lead Researchers: Laura C. Bishop (Liverpool John Moores University), Dr Sarah Elton (Hull York Medical School), Dr Peter Ditchfield (Oxford University), with Dr Julien Louys and Dr Carlo Meloro (Hull York Medical School)

Funding: Leverhulme Fund