Kenny’s current projects

Project: Peramelemorphian Evolution:  phylogeny, ecology and biogeography of fossil bilbies and bandicoots from Riversleigh World Heritage Area (North-western Queensland) and the Etadunna Formation (South Australia)
Summary: This project involves the description of new species of bandicoots and bilbies from rich fossil deposits such as Riversleigh World Heritate Area and the Etadunna Formation. Between the late Oligocene and the late Miocene, bandicoots were much more diverse that they are today, occupying niches that are currently occupied by dasyurids. This project will test current molecular phylogenies for bandicoots and bilbies, providing a deeper understanding of their evolution. It will also provide insights into how climate change at the end of the Miocene may have been involved in shaping the modern bandicoot diversity.

Lead Researcher: Kenny J. Travouillon

Funding: Robert Day Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of  Queensland.


Project: Dental wear rates in marsupial herbivores

Summary: This project aims at identifying dental wear rates in modern marsupials to use as a proxy for diet in fossil taxa. Dental wear data collection was principally focusing on modern species of kangaroos and wallabies, which include a wide range of diets (omnivore, grazer, browser, etc…). Dental wear patterns are then used to identify diets of fossil marsupial taxa from the late Oligocene to Early Pleistocene from all over Australia. Changes in diet over geological time provide

Lead Researchers: Dr Christine Janis and Dr John Damuth (Brown University, USA), Dr Kenny Travouillon

Funding: Brown University, USA.