Cynthia Clark

Numbat – Art by Cynthia Clark

When I was a kid, I vividly remember opening an old National
Geographic to an illustrated spread of Riversleigh fauna and learning
for the first time of the existence of a fascinating lost world of the
most strange and wonderful animals. For many years that article and a
few terse encyclopedia entries were all I could find to satisfy my
curiosity, as this was before widespread internet use and I was in
Chicago literally half a world away. So I’m particularly happy to be
a part of this project, both to be able to finally get in-depth,
up-to-date information, and to help build a resource that my past self
would’ve loved.

I’m currently a freelance illustrator based in California. I received
a bachelor’s in biology from the University of California, Santa
Barbara and a certificate in science illustration from California
State University, Monterey Bay.